Download Mining Vietnam Logo

The Mining Vietnam logo is available to download and use on your site to promote your presence at the exhibition. It can be accompanied with news related to the events and hyperlink to our site : 

Please read these guidelines to the use of the logos as below:

  • The logo below can only be used on a black / white background
  • The logo can be displayed on printed collateral, signage, Web graphics, powerpoint presentation, or with information that makes reference to Mining Vietnam by exhibitors and media covering to the event
  • If the logos below are placed on a website and hyperlinked, the logo must be only linked to
  • The logos below must not be stretched or manipulated, no alternation with elements, font type
  • The logo is owned by Allworld Exhibitions Alliance. It may not be combined or incorporated into any other logo and must be used as it is.

Please click on the logo of your choice below : 

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